Saturday, January 17, 2015


I am unashamedly, a major Glee fan. Sputter as you will, but I adore the show. Together with being tons of fun, Glee carries powerful messages of love, hope, and positivity as well as believing in your dreams. 

It's a new year, 2015, two years after Back to the future predicted we'd all be flying in hovercrafts and wearing gaudy American-utopian outfits . Regardless, it's January, the time now in which we think of the past and the future. 2014 was a fabulous, and fabulously hard year. As a 2014 matriculant, I can vouch for the second half. Jokes, the first half too. 

I left you all on a cliffhanger in my last post. My matric results did indeed arrive by sms on the 30th December, and there sat 8 distinctions. 8 distinctions, one 79 (being remarked and soon to become my ninth distinction) as well as a humble 75 for Science (my high school nemesis).  I am absolutely over the moon about how well I've done -I have enough congratulations messages to fill a small truck. All in all, matric was a huge success for me.  I can now put a nice big tick (or cross, however you see it) in the box that is high school and shift my sights to new adventures. 

And this is where Glee comes in. Today I was watching episode 12 season 2 of Glee, in which Rachel sings Katy Perry's "Firework". I've been feeling especially weird since I matriculated. This transitional phase has been kind of rough and uncomfortable for me. Being on the cusp of everything has made me feel very anxious about the future, and not just university but THE FUTURE in general. And then I watched "Firework" on Glee today. 

The truth is that the future and all that is to come is so scary. It's okay that it is. Let's just all put our hands up and admit it. I am scared. Are you scared? That's all good. Scared? Great. Deep breaths all around. In. Fill those lungs. I am scared. We are scared. Out. 

Our lives from here on out are going to be remarkable. We are remarkable. 

The reason we feel scared is that we don't want to muck up everything; We don't want all this possibility that comes with a new year and new venture in our lives to fade and disappear. But, what Glee spoke to me today about was, Really Anthea, you can trust yourself because you are a star. We are stars.  

Us young creatures just out of matric feel all this hope and yearning to make our lives great. I can just hear Mr Keating breathing down our necks saying, "Carpe .... Diem. Carpe .. Diem! Seize the day! Make your lives extraordinary!" My friends, not only can we trust ourselves, but we can be okay when we dream magnificent, big and grand dreams. We are the people set to mould the world, so please, make your life damn inspiring and original! Be as out-there as you can!

I know I am.

I've been offered a place at the University of Cape Town to study a Bachelor of the Arts -and wait, it gets better. I've also been awarded an entrance scholarship for almost half my tuition! It's all so much like this big mountain I'm about to start climbing (good thing I'm a mountain climber, right?). I have from tomorrow two weeks until I jet off on my one way ticket (literally) to Cape Town. It's going to be a new adventure, and I'm feeling as daring as ever. I even cut my hair (a good 15 cm) -and don't laugh at why I included that. Coco Chanel said that a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life. Are you going to dispute Coco Chanel?

There's a spark in me that has lain dormant for quite some time while I survived high school. However, now that's done, I'm going for it -thanks Glee. Magna Cum Laude, international best seller, blogging, performing and being the girl who eats 90% dark chocolate. What's the point if you're doing anything half-assed? I am a writer, and I'm going to be a writer. I want to create awe-inspiring art that transforms our world. I have no interest in making my dreams any smaller -and neither should anyone for that matter. 

Our dreams are so bright, but so are we. We can trust ourselves to be great. Hi 2015.