Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Zest, Warmth and a Holiday Aglow

"Happy Commercialismas everyone!" was the Facebook status posted by a friend of mine on the 25th December last yearI laughed I'll be frank, but then I felt a twang of melancholy for that Big Business perception of my favourite holiday. Christmas has always been a magical and beautiful time of the year for me, authentic in all its jolliness. 

As a child, I grew up with wonderful family gatherings every Christmas; lots of family around, good food, presents, Santa visits (my dad, and then just to fool us for a little longer, my uncle) and pine cones dotting our house for decoration. Now, going into my 18th year of life, I still treasure Christmas with all my heart. I adore the merry atmosphere in which the very air just oozes richness and joy. 

This year, my aunt and I have banded together yet again to put together the ultimate Christmas Eve dinner on the planet. 
Our plan: Tessa Kiros' red pepper soup, chili prawns, Gordon Ramsay's lemon-y-sage turkey with apple-cranberry sauce and gravy, apple-hazelnut stuffing, crisp potatoes, green beans and then, Donna Hay's raspberry trifle (wow). 

I'm always in charge of the apple-cranberry sauce and the dessert -if I was on Masterchef, I'd be the dessert queen. Though I rarely eat dessert, I am an ace when it comes to making the most mouthwatering coagulations. Today I think I perfected the apple-cranberry sauce -it's to die for, friends. I am very intrigued to see how the trifle turns out. The base is jelly -jelly! 

I haven't had jelly since I was 9, and this time it's homemade with raspberries floating at the top. I'm actually rather excited. My inner child is so gladdened to be acquainted with the ruby-red jubilance of wobbly sweetness again. Yay! See. 
Pure glee (which is entirely dependant on whether it sets or not...)

I think Christmas' real purpose is to create a time where people feel they can be generous (sadly, without feeling like their own happiness will be taken away by the act). I think it's a time for us to learn to be kinder to one another, to appreciate our family and people more, to be giving and to let loose. 

Admit it. Home Alone is the best Christmas movie ever made. 
I just love that movie! I really feel like it captures the wonderful spirit of Christmas. It's about bunching all together and having a great time, being kinder to one another, growing kinder to one another, having wondrous bouts of laughter from Christmas feast storytelling, and joy. Most of all, joy. 

May you all have a celebration like no other before. May the scent of cinnamon and ginger and oranges waft through your homes and fill your hearts with merriness and love. 

May you all have a Merry Christmas.