Tuesday, December 3, 2013

It's a pajama/Nigella Feast day

Yesterday was the day I had the first operation of my life. I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed. The procedure is a new one in which lasers are used, there is minimal to no swelling and for each incision there is only two dissoluble stitches. With that said, the four to five hours I spent in hospital after the op were the most uncomfortable hours of my life so far (which funny enough, I'm rather grateful for).

This isn't my x-ray, but just so you get the picture, my wisdoms were pressing against my other teeth and they were causing me pain, so clearly, I had to have them taken out. Standard operation procedure is that one is not allowed to eat or drink 6 hours before an op, and I was scheduled for 12 yesterday so I had woken up to eat something early so I would have a little bit of energy to carry me through the day, but I was still starving by the time I had to go in. They ran two hours late and at two o'clock the time had arrived. Of course I was required to wear the hospital gown and underwear, and before I continue with my story, let me just ask and say something about that under-garment. One, who in the world designed that underwear?! One size does not fit all whoever you are and that material?! May I never have to wear that thing again until I'm 80 and having a knee replacement. Okay, with that off my chest, I shall continue. The anesthesiologist came and checked up on me in the beginning, put in my drip and I don't even remember dosing off.

I woke up in the theater to my name being called, feeling groggy, numb and disorientated. I was wheeled back into my room where my dad kept me company. I couldn't talk because my tongue was numb and I felt, well, just awful. I had no proper swallowing mechanism, but then the spit and blood was accumulating in my mouth and my throat. I was told not to swallow, because the blood would make me feel nauseous, but then I was also told not to cough up anything in my throat because that would cause more bleeding, so could they be any more contradictory? The result on that was that I felt like I was choking for a good 3 hours in which I was spitting out blood, attempting to "lightly" cough and keep the ice packs propped up against my cheeks. I may have been numb, but I couldn't smile or open my mouth too widely as my jaw then ached and I only felt worse. 

I asked my dad to read to me from my book I had brought along, and him and I sat for a good while with him reading, me closing and opening my eyes, me choking out blood and spit every few minutes and him helping me rinse my mouth every hour or so. I could move my limbs and I held my dad's hand while he read. What an incredible father I have. I am so deeply grateful.

I had no swallowing mechanism and so the only thing I could manage to put down my throat without choking was one 100% apple juice box that I could squeeze into the back of my mouth (no hospital jelly and custard for me). When I felt I had the energy to get up and change, the nurse came in, took out my drip; I changed out of that incredible vexatious underwear and into my tracksuit and my dad helped my walk out in that post-op slow pace.

I arrived home to find my mom who had not been able to be there during the day with 5 different kinds of soup, and my heart was filled with warmth for my out-of-this-world parents. I unfortunately could still not swallow and I ended up having two orange/mango juice boxes instead, just to keep my going. I took my meds, watched TV and then went to sleep. 

I do need to give a special mentioning to my anesthesiologist. He was a kind, thorough doctor who checked on me before I went in, and twice after I came out, and then even went the extra mile by calling later to see how I was doing. Now that is what I call being outstanding in one's job. 

Today, thank the lord, I can feel my tongue and am able to speak, however my mouth is sore and I feel very weak. 

So guess what I'm doing today? 

I can't open my mouth farther that a few cms, so I've been eating Greek yoghurt with honey and peanut butter, tiny portion by tiny portion off a teaspoon. Then I am spending my entire day in my pajamas and I am watching my Nigella Feasts DVD my aunt bought me -I somehow find it very soothing to watch Nigella, her gleaming kitchen, her dazzling vocabulary and the warm, hearthy food she cooks up. I'm keeping an ice pack to my face, and I have faith that I'll feel better and better as the day goes on.

Of course I'm rather unable to smile that widely....


P.S Tomorrow is my school's prize-giving, so hold thumbs for me for my Illumination piece to win the writing competition!