Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Glorious Wins Part 3

It was somewhere in between feeling weak, shaky in my limbs, dizzy and nauseated, with shivers running down my body, that I reached a unique and remarkable clarity with regard to 2013, and then to the spanking new New Year ahead -2014. Also, did I say 'was somewhere in between'? I mean 'is'. It's 3:30 a.m where I am in the world, and on New Years Day (ahem, New Years Very Early Morning) I happen to be feeling like, oh how do my native Afrikaaners put it? Right, like kak. Feel free to look that one up. 

Petite Dynamite ain't feeling brill, folks.  So, in an attempt to push through each wave of yuckiness, I am typing this on my iPhone at this ungodly hour, while holding the blankets up to my ears which cover my curled up, poor little body.

* * * 

It's late evening now, and it goes without saying (though I'll put it in anyway) that my New Years early hours were not the most fabulous, nor have I been feeling tres fantastico throughout the day. In fact I've been feeling tres weak-limbed, so I have been forced today to sl-o-w d-o-w-n majorly and act with great gentleness with myself. Quite an interesting practice considering what day it is. 

Anyway, friends, as I said on my previous post and above, I have taken a magnifying glass, or rather, zoomed out on 2013 and my great victories so as to firmly set in the steps of my success ladder -my Greatness Ladder. 

As a New Years exercise, I greatly urge you all to write down somewhere (anywhere) your triumphs of 2013. Now a triumph may come in the form of an extremely difficult or troublesome situation that you have risen above -it most likely did- or it may be a great leap of faith or risk you took. You may not be able to immediately think of your wins, but I promise you, they are there, and there are many. I am sharing my top Yes! moments of 2013 here today. I hope they shift loose the murky memories of your own moments, and inspire you to start climbing step by step. 

My Glorious Wins of 2013 a.k.a 
My Greatness Ladder

1. Summiting Mount Kilimamjaro for the second time and meeting all the incredible people I did through it
2. Cultivating new friendships and relationships by allowing my authentic Self to emerge and play
3. Hiking the Otter Trail with my dad, brother and dearest friend Anasofia, her family, and other wonderfully interesting individuals 
4. Being elected as a prefect 
5. My aha! moment from reading a book called Women, Food and God. 
6. Reading Eat, Pray, Love and the subsequent aha!
7. My second term drama practical performance which wowed and struck the audience -and even us- into a state of awe
8. My introduction to slam poetry by attending my friend Ruby-Anne's POP Poetry Competition
9. The subsequent slam poem You Think You Know Me that I wrote in true Self-expression
10. Growing greatly as a writer with an authentic mission. Wrote some of my best writing yet and officially launched Petite Dynamite
11. Becoming a 1st Violinist in my Youth Orchestra. Playing my Grade 7 violin exam and being awarded a Merit!
12. Dancing my Intermediate Foundation Royal Ballet Academy exam 
 -and also getting a Merit
13. Stood up for my beliefs and Authenticity when I became a debutante
14. Being awarded the Top Award for History and Biology for Grade 11
15.Nabbing 10 As out of my 11 subjects for my final Grade 11 term
16. Planting the seeds of growth that have culminated with my Being that I am now
17. Going to the Grahamstown Fedtival with my Youth Orchestra 
18. Putting together and performing an Adele Medley with my singing group for a prestigious school choir festival 
19. Had great fun (why not put this one in?)

Fabulous friends

Grahamstown Music Festival and playing as part of my youth orchestra

Composing my slam poem You Think You Know Me with my mom by firelight

Elected as a prefect!

Macbeth: Three Witches performance for Drama Practicals

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with my dad and brother

When I made the decision to acknowledge these successes, I began with a long, unedited list of every act, moment, epic occurrence that I considered to be a tick on my Yes! list, regardless of how tiny as it may appear. Then I slowly filtered through the last and pinpointed the biggies, finally resulting in the list above. 

Happy. That's what I am. 2013 is done and dusted and I've come out it all with greater wisdom, knowledge and knowing. I've had really highs, and really lows, ups, wins, successes, and then downs, crosses and oopsies, but all in all, it has been a fantastic year. I will take from last year all my lessons, joys, inspirations and ideas, new friendships and greater grasping of my Self. The rest, I will release into the ethos as experience and put simply, it's in the past. 

So let's throw a celebratory carnival for ourselves, our family, friends and the planet! Let us dance and cajole on the streets for who we are today and how far we have come. 

I wish you all great magic, flow and WOWness in your year ahead. 

Happy New Year!