Saturday, December 7, 2013

A deep ease and a blissful sigh

Holidays, especially holidays in which I am away from home and left to my own accord, are some of my most cherished times. I am leaving in 20 minutes for the airport where I will eventually be leaving for Mauritius, and let me just be frank and say that I am SO EXCITED! 

I've been to Mauritius before when I was 13 and I absolutely loved it. I intend on enjoying myself to the fullest while I am there this time, and I hope to meet a new array of interesting people! The last time I was there I made very good friends with teenagers from all over the world, and we planned to all become pen pals (yes, as in letter writing), but I never ended up writing to them for some odd reason. This time, I am going to participate fully and try to make as many global friends as possible. 

Also, something about beach holidays seems to soothe me. I have what some would call 'insanely high expectations' for myself and I feel twinges of guilt when I am not serving others or being productive. Last year, I completely burnt out and I spent 5 days on a beach on the Eastern Cape lying under an umbrella, reading National Geographic magazines and writing my first blog post for Petite Dynamite

We are always so quick to wish others a happy and relaxing holiday, but today I think I'm going to wish myself a fantastic holiday. 

I wish for myself that I release all my pent up stress from exams and that I embrace the laid-back vibes of Mauritius. I wish for myself that I can go on my soul searching journey I plan on doing while I am away and that I will come back an even more radiant being. I wish for myself that the creative juices flow like the Amazon river while I'm away and that I will be pumped up and uncontrollably passionate about my Calling when I arrive back. 
I wish for myself that I am kind and nurture myself with beautiful rest and food and spend time with my family and wonderful new friends. I wish for a deep relaxation to permeate through me and take me into these holidays with a splendor of ease and calm.

And may you all have a fabulous holiday!