Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ten thousand differences

One small continuous act can make a difference in thousands of peoples' lives, whether it be smiling and being kind to every person you may meet along your journeys, or dedicating your life to your craft that would mean uplifting the lives of others as well as your own. 

A while ago something rather unjustifiable occurred to me. I as a human being respect and acknowledge every person for whatever Calling they may follow, but what I cannot understand is this;

How is that we know hundreds of obscure, insignificant celebrities' names, yet we do not know the names of those saving our environment from pollution, those protecting the wildlife, those aiding people and communities in elevating the literacy rate, the poverty, and those supporting others in becoming leaders and better human beings? 

I have decided to take up the duty of sharing the names and deeds of these people, so I may one day say that I am overjoyed that the world, myself included, can name hundred of names of people who have a duty to germinating and developing greatness and love on our planet. 

Meet Hanna Konadu, 25,  who is a community health officer in Ghana. Hanna and thousands of other community health workers like her have helped Ghana raise its immunization coverage to more than 90 percent, protecting millions of children against measles, pneumonia, polio, and other diseases. She has personally saved thousands of young lives who could in turn one day generate the same love in their work in Ghana.

Amazing isn't it?