Friday, October 11, 2013

Shrouded in secrecy and totally unexpected

There are many places in our world that we, dwellers in but our tiny environment, are completely unaware exist. Thousands of websites and blogs, possibly even millions, work as informers to we www user with list upon list of Places you won't believe exist, Unbelievable views, etcetera, etcetera, and today I join the ranks as a 'Check out this amazing place' canary too. I find it my duty to be the ambassador for my dearest Russia and a place I bet you all have never heard of; Ussuriland.

We all record them, but few of us ever end up watching all those 'interesting documentaries' on everything from the rubber industry in Vietnam to rare lizards in the Sahara. I for one always enthusiastically record away on the History Channel, NGO, Animal Planet, BBC Knowledge, but when Smash and Glee start taking priority for my very limited TV relaxation time, they just end up gathering dust and taking up space on my playlist. But, there are days when all my first choices are either watched or out of showing and I can honestly only take so much of trying to figure out what in the world is going on in Suits Season 3, considering I haven't watched Suits Season 1 or 2. That is when I go Documentary-ing. I had recorded this NGO series called Wild Russia, because as we all know, I love Russia, and so there I was scrolling up my playlist to find Wild Russia: Secret Forest

I was completely blown away with the profound beauty and contrast of nature in such a remote and awesome sliver of Mother Russia.

The video for viewing is below. Do watch it, and be as astounded as I was, and still am. If you're short for time, the most poignant views are these below:

1. Beginning up to 2:40 (Intro plus world's rarest leopard)
Absolute MUST watch: 15:05 to 15:53 (The Komarov Lotus)
2. 19:27 to 21:15 (Black Bear)
3. 23:44 to 24:06 (The marshes)
4. 27:09 to 29:40 (The seaside and the sea)
5. 33:40 to 34:58 (The great feeding at the lake, cycle of life)
6. 34:59 to 35:27 (Ussuriland in Autumn)
7. 38:27 to 39:40 (Winter hits Ussuriland)
8. 41:45 to 42:22 (The Indian Martin -adorable!)
9. 42:24 to 43:55 (Man's misdeed to the Secret forest and The King of Russia, the Armour Tiger)
10. 46:20 to end (Ending)

My heart sings for the grace of the Russian Wilderness.