Saturday, October 19, 2013

'Paganini Liszt, La Campanella!'

Lower jaw resting on feet, pupils enlarged, body, motionless. 
The sweet tune of La Campanella flows through my speakers, gifting me with the beauty that is the musical mastery of 
Evgeny Kissin.

Yet another child virtuoso, Evgeny Kissin is in my opinion one of the greatest pianists of our modern age. Born in Moscow, Russia, Kissin began classical piano at the age of six. Only four years later, at the age of ten, his debut performance was Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 20 in D minor with the Ulyanovsk Symphony Orchestra. 

A film was made by director Christopher Nupen, documenting Kissin's young life, his tidal wave of talent and the world's special taking to the concert pianist. 

Evgeny Kissin and James Levine playing Schubert, on a double piano
He has played all over the world, winning numerous prizes including a Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Soloist Performance with and without an orchestra. He also has his Doctorate in Music. Wow. Wow.

The piece played below is by far my favourite. 
'Paganini Liszt, La Campanella!' he announced to the white ornate opera house, brimming with his adoring audience. 

The part where he plays the high register keys, I just about fainted it was so incredible. The sweat dripping from his face, now that is real performance.