Wednesday, September 18, 2013

You have to hand it to the Russians

Russia has always been a place where culture, art and athleticism is revered, even taken to the extreme. It seems that Russians just happen to be brilliant at it all. For the next few weeks while I finish up on my Kilimanjaro memoirs and dedicate myself to my own form of art -my gorgeous violin that is set to play a Grade 7 exam on the 1st October, wish me luck!- I am going to be sharing all things weird and wonderful about the Russians. A little history is going to come in, edging on the more sinister side, but mainly, I will be sharing the amazingness that is Russia and its people. 

The video below has been gathering dust in my Possible Blog Posts folder for almost as much time as it took to built the Kremlin, but today I am overjoyed to share these three mind-blowing young Russian gymnasts with the world. Apologies for the voice in the background. It was really the only version I could find.

Incredible! Those splits, my dear goodness...