Monday, September 23, 2013

Just a reminder and a cellphone advert

People are good. As much as we'd like to believe that the world and everyone within it are cruel and unfair when the times take a narrow skid against a cliff for us, we need to hold a few things within us to straighten out our skewed perception. 
Again, people are good. Ey but what about all the corruption, and the murders, and wars, and backstabbing, and manipulation? 

Every day as we read the news, watch the news, listen to the news, we are assaulted by all the injustice and chaos our world has to offer, but if there is one thing I have learnt through my worldly travels, and my non-travelling life, is that behind all shifty first impressions, "identities" and closed-minded cultural conditioning, people are generally good. 

Someone you all will meet very soon. Someone very, very good.
Robin Sharma works with many short catch phrases in his revolutionary teachings. One that I have a particular affinity for is: "Be the most generous person you know" 
I will confess here to one of my learning curves being that I can become selfish at times when I'm not mindful, so this statement has turned into a fantastic affirmation of mine. 

I am the most generous person I know. 

Our thoughts create our reality dear friends, so here I say it again. I am the most generous person I know. This is not a statement that means 'I'm more giving than you are, and therefore I am better that you' or 'Me being the most generous person I know means that you guys are dumbed down by my powerful affirmation that I've been repeating to myself three times a day' 
No. It means that I stand to become the best and most giving person I can be, while still standing for my power and for your power. In becoming more aligned to the truer nature of giving, we inspire others to do the same, therefore standing for our power and then others' also.

The below video is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, and no fewer number of beautifuls would suffice in this case, because the act and miracle of generosity is displayed in all its glory. This is a Thai cellphone advert which is now making waves on YouTube, similarly titled "The cell phone ad making everyone weep" and "This 3 minute film puts Hollywood films to shame" on many a YouTube video poster. I was teary in the end. It's that gorgeous. We all need a reminder every once in a while that restores our belief in the amazingness and true kindness of the human race. This is one right here.

Glossy eyed? Me too.

P.S I know, I know, so not about Russia, but when something touches me as much as this has, well there really isn't any choice at all.