Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Anger into Passion

I pride myself in being a very positive person, even to the point of being described by a friend as "an endless pit of positivity" 
I love feeling happy and I devote myself to living in my natural state of peace, but sometimes, sometimes, I get angry.

It doesn't happen that often, but recently, ahem, tonight included, this uncontrollable rage in the center of my chest is threatening with every beautiful French word in the book to explode and destroy everything in its path. I'm a small person so punching things really doesn't work for me, and though screaming and shouting has been my choice of outlet in the past, I largely don't use that method either. I mean shrieking at people in the middle of class or at school, or rather anywhere out of the car or at home, is generally not observed as a very sane or stable reaction to a bout of anger. But don't you wish we could just get angry, really really angry a bit more? Gosh, I do right now. 
I want to run out on my balcony and let out a war cry which could be studied by historians as the exact howl released before an Ancient Roman-Barbarian pre-battle slaughter. I want to wake up the neighbours, make the dogs bark, give the insects a fright it's so powerful. 


(Grumble, grumble) It didn't work, so it's times like these where I call upon a teaching I've learnt from a very wise group of people. It's called Anger into Passion

We are so used to anger being labelled as bad and something that we should reject, that we are throwing away an extremely potent energy. If we just realized that that power is there for our usewe could profit greatly.

Have you ever been so angry that the only way to let it loose or forget about it was to do something like work or a tasking activity? If your answer is yes or no, the teaching of Anger into Passion can work for you regardless. It entails being angry or annoyed (duh) and then instead of destroying and mucking up your day, using that extreme power to do something that you were possibly resisting or even not, but doing something that needs to be done like an assignment, paying your bills, cleaning or organising. The list can go on and on, but the point is that the strength of anger can be utilized for good and creation. 
Yes, it is quite a hard task to remember in times of utter fury to remember Anger into Passion, but like any habit, it must be initiated and practised into becoming a natural part of your consciousness. 

We can't all be super calm all the time, so when anger strikes, follow this short mental process:

1. Cut off the mind talk immediately e.g "He should apologise!", "That's bullshit!"

2. Feel in your body where the anger lies

3. Pin point a task that can be completed with the anger

4. Do the task without distractions

I will discuss the first point slightly by saying that negative mind talk only becomes an overwhelming presence once we feed it the power of anger that should be utilized for creation and passion. My point, catch yourself and stop it. Stop it? Really?
Yes, really. Once you make a conscious decision that your anger will not be leached by stories and racing thoughts, that decision remains present in your mind. Your mind after all, is your mind, and you are absolutely in control of it. Remember:

So, on this evening I am angry, but by using that anger I have just written an entire blog post (hello all) and am about to start maths. Nifty trick isn't it?