Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Feminine Essense

Women are infinite, boundless, enchanting. Within them lies the infinite power of the universe. Yet that power is dormant and unused in many of us, because of the dour littering of the past. We just can't seem to find the key to the gate, but all it really takes to tap into it is the frame of mind that believes in that vastness and strives towards it. I am such a believer, believer in being vast.  

I am a feminist, but dear ones, my kind of feminism is not the extreme, harsh  landscape that society has pasted with negative connotations. No one is saying screw men, not at all. Feminism is not the belief that women are superior, men are evil and we should be able to grow out our leg hair. The embryo of feminism was spawned by the women rights campaigns in the days where a woman was not trusted to hold a bank account or vote. At that point in time, yes, the radicality of burning bras and giving a good telling off to the men who were equally conditioned into the state of inequality and oppression was necessary, and for all of that feminism has coined a near swear word status in society. Oooh, you're a feminist... 

Unfortunately that attitude has travelled through the years, culminating now in the belief that feminists are harsh, anti-male Amazonians who are aggressive and want there to be absolutely no distinguishing between being a man or a woman. And that is where I must intervene and say no. Feminism is not that, for it and the times we live in are very different. They both have morphed and changed and do not nearly resemble their distant selves. Feminism requires a new understanding and a new approach -from both sexes. 

Thankfully we have arrived now in a society that has indeed in many ways evened out, however on the one side, feelings of inferiority among girls and women and shaded gender discrimination still exist in the modern consciousness. On the other side and even blurred into the first, a complete rejection has occurred toward the embodying of the feminine essence by women, because of the butch approach of conventional "feminism" 
In an unconscious attempt to overcome the remaining discrimination of our modern society, women have tried to make the seemingly gender equal environment so even that women have forgotten their own nature, the nature that seethes from the womanly soul. 

Our feminine essence. 

Today I, Petite Dynamite, am introducing to the world a new take on feminism, my take. It both honours and distinguishes the two sexes for the differences that exist between them, sans the plight of centuries of conditioning. It encourages women to be all powerful and amazing, without needing to be dominatory or war-like. This new M.O on feminism is really not very similar at all to the feminism at which everyone hisses, for it calls for a new way of thinking. A way of thinking that allows a more compassionate, natural approach to women empowerment and tapping into the flowing chi of abundance that comes with ease when in balance with one's true nature. 

Therefore a new segment is 
adorning my topics tab, titled, you guessed it, Feminine  Essence. This dewy branch of my blog is dedicated to the radiant beings out there called women. It's purposes is to celebrate, discuss, inform and share and I am doubly excited! This has been harbouring in my consciousness for quite some time and I will confess to having written two posts already.(grins) 

Happy Women's Day! Fireworks and sparklers for you all. 


P.S. Sorry boys. I am aware that this isn't the most gender neutral segment to my blog, but look on the bright side; If you were ever curious to what's really going on in our heads -perhaps a tad more of my head in some cases- here is your opportunity. Enjoy. 

P.P.S 80% of this post was written on my iPhone as I am currently without my laptop. Petite Dynamite gone mobile!