Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sarah Chang, Sibelius Maestro

Sarah Chang is what you call a child prodigy. An American Korean, her debut on the classical violin came at the age of 8 when she played as a soloist with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. Graduating from Juilliard (Big name peeps), Miss Chang has played all over the world in countries like England, France, Germany and China, and most recently, South Africa.

A few weeks ago Sarah Chang was in Johannesburg, and undoubtedly, I went to go and behold her amazingness. Boy, was it a concert. She played the Sibelius Violin Concerto, accompanied by the Kwazulu Natal Philharmonic -allow me to add that they were just phenomenal. Sarah's technique was absolutely incredible and I loved her flair. As recording of the performance was illegal, I shall share today with you all the much less illegal, okay, totally legal YouTube video of her Sibelius Violin Concerto. Enjoy.

Are your eyes the size of mine after listening to that? 
As a violinist, it's such an inspiration to me to see professional violinists play. It honestly makes me want to arrive back home after the concert and practice through the night!