Sunday, June 9, 2013

Coral Spawning : World Oceans Day Blog-A-Thon

Finding Nemo, though the childhood movie of millions, was never my favourite film. I found the barracuda in the beginning really scary and creepy and Dory, sorry Ellen, meh. Funny thing about children, even though we realise years later that we actually hated Ed, Edd, and Eddy, we seem to watch the bloody shows over and over again anyway! Finding Nemo was such for my brother and I, but, not liking the movie didn't prevent us from navigating around the special features menu, thus coming across a short featured documentary on The Great Barrier Reef. In all its awe, the Great Barrier Reef is the single largest concentration of pure life on this earth. The documentary was very well put together and I loved watching light-up squid, angler fish in the depths and angelfish schools, but the most enchanting of all was the segment on coral spawning.

In short, coral spawning is coral reproduction. Coral -unknown to many- is actually a living creature. There are male and female coral and some are asexual. When the time is right, the male coral let out what appears to be smoke -a very spermy smoke. The females then release tens of millions of eggs into the water to be fertilized and then they are carried by the current to surrounding waters. This aids biodiversity and expands areas of settlement for coral species. The releasing of the eggs is also amazingly timed to the rising of the full moon of late summer. Incredible! Here is a video showing you this wonder.

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