Saturday, April 6, 2013

POP! goes my heart for POP Poetry: Part 2

Ready for the main event? Greetings ladies and gentlemen! 
Welcome to the Pop Poetry: Power of the People slam poetry competition. It's the finale (drum roll please) and we will be listening to all our peppy poetry peeps in the house. 

Give them a round of applause!

This is John Moeketsane & Joachim Mamabolo
They won for best duo.

Ari Emanuel. An abstract soloist. I love it.

Speaking the truth. Did you hear the poet's applause -clicking- for Kanye Cekeshe?

Wandile Dlamini, you have a soul.

(The below video only starts the poet at 0:48 seconds)

Make the change, Jayme Cesman.


I absolutely adore Sinead Urison's sublime, stupendous, 
splendiferous sibilance and her garish manner of performance!


Another bout of duo fabulousity, with Sinead Urison and Jordan 
Seligmann. So brilliant.

Evil twin, I see, Tanya Theunissen. Don't be too harsh on Wandile Dlamini.

And though not a finalist double, I still thoroughly enjoyed Mr.
Ari Emaunel and Gabriel Godfrey.


Finally...... Our winner!

Individual winner, Puno Selesho was positively sublime! 
Well done!

Another win to Puno Selesho, and her partner Taboka Kombanie!

We are beautiful, Puno Selesho.

This girl deserved to win, agreed?

P.S Trying my own hand at slam poetry, I've been writing my own pieces furiously for 3 weeks. Look out for it. (Smiles)