Monday, January 7, 2013

Utterly creative

I'm feeling so incredibly inspired right now. On Saturday I was surrounded by so much absolute creativity that I'm still buzzing with excitement. It was a mother-daughter day and a truly wonderful one.

First things first, we had breakfast at this place in Parkhurst, Joburg called Possum's. 

The service was a tad slow, but Oh. My. Word. The food was so so good! 
Thought I'd try something different

I had Spanish Rat with scrambled eggs and sliced baguette bread. The "Rat" part is ratatouille. Yum.

I had a really amazing chat with my mother. She's in the middle of these life coaching exams and the work she is doing as part of her requirements is utterly brilliant. I'm just in complete awe.

Afterwards we went across the street to this design shop called Santos that sells this cleverly inventive furniture, gifts, kitchen and room/store fittings. My favourite thing was the Firefly Jar. Check it out;

We then drove through Parkhurst, Hydepark and Rosebank. All the galleries, design shops and quaint restaurants are stunning. 
I have every intention of visiting every one. (Smiles)
Finally arriving at Sandton City, my mom promptly brought me to a shop I could probably spend the rest of eternity in. Typo.

It's this wildly creative, fun and spontaneous stationery/ gift/ design shop that wow, is genius. Take a look at what you find there;

Oh yeah
Nearly bought this for my Debutantes partner!

I had a little fun with all the hands.
What's hilarious is that after I finished this one, I looked back to the other and somebody had changed it to a very naughty finger! 

Very cool idea here - testing pens paper!

A little marketing (wink)

I was a little excited (chuckles)
Check this, they also make these wonderful letters in all different colours.

We did a little shopping and then we drove off to this place called Shepherd's Market. It's this picturesque Chinese shop area with an Italian pizza, pasta, risotto restaurant slap bang in the middle of them. I'd been gunning for a pizza, so there we went.