Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The birds use cigarettes

First of all, let me just start with the fact that I hate cigarettes and smoking. I think they are a useless waste of a God given pair of lungs and 20 years cut off a person's life span, if not more. Cigarettes are revolting, and they are a litterers best friend. They're everywhere. It's 2013 people. I think it is time we take responsibility for our waste. Countless forests, homes and crop fields have also been burnt down by a simple butt thrown on the floor by one unconscious smoker. Table mountain in Cape Town was even burnt almost completely by a smoker who threw his butt out of his car, endangering thousands of animals and plant life. BUT, I truly marvel at the pure adaptability of nature to the human race's destructive ways. The birds use cigarettes.

Birds are magnificent little creatures. When our homes are over run by ants, we call in the fumigators. Birds build insect repellent right into their nests, using chemical-emitting plants that repulse unwanted guests. City birds though, have now adapted to using a different sort of chemical-emitting item. Cigarettes.
Urban feathered fowls are now constructing their nests with built in cigarettes, making use of the nicotine and other chemicals as a pesticide! Extraordinary!
Mexican scientists who have studied this newly examined phenomena, found that on average, a nest would have 10 smoked cigarette buts fitted into its make up. They caution though that there may be negative side effects yet to be seen for the birds, as cigarettes contain known carcinogens. That's right.
These urban insecticides could possibly poison the poor things. Let's just all hope that that will remain "yet to be seen".

Mother Nature is the greatest quick changer of all, ready to swap her scarf to a beanie any day of the week. I am astonished by the amazing evolution going on right this moment to counter the supposed "Next Mass Extinction" we are causing. If you've watched Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth, then you will know that now that the Earth has become warmer, insects are hatching earlier, meaning less food for the insect eating birds, and thus birds have somehow shifted their own hatching season to try to fix the imbalance, but not entirely successfully. There are some shocking conclusions to Global warming.

Another example of urban adaptation that will blow your mind, are that trees in cities have began to grow roots lining the pattern of the pavement!

Utterly stunning, is it not?

P.S Knowledge of any mind blowing adaptations to share?