Sunday, January 27, 2013

I dreamed a dream

Dumbstruck awe. There is no other way to describe my feelings after seeing what I saw last night. I have goosebumps just thinking about it. Les Miserables is the most powerful movie I have ever seen in my life. 

No spoiler alert here. I can't stand spoilers, so instead I shall comment on the extraordinary work and performance in this astonishing movie. One thing you all should know; All the singing in the movie was done LIVE. No lip syncing or no backing tracks. Every single note was sung right there on set and just behind the camera was a live pianist playing the song, and the actors had a small speaker in their ears to hear the music. They could slow it down, speed it up or whisper it at first if they wanted. They had complete freedom to perform the songs the way they felt they should be. So beautifully real.

Hugh Jackman. Wow. I've always known he was a great actor, but in this movie, wow - I just can't stop saying wow- he really proved himself. If you didn't know, he has an incredible voice with an amazing vibrato of his notes. He absolutely deserved his Golden Globe for Best Actor. Just take a look at this;

This man went from this;

To that. He was so in character, it was mind blowing. If I hadn't known it was him from the trailer, I would not have even recognized him in the beginning. Wow.

Anne Hathaway. Another big winner at the Golden Globes. Nabbed herself a Best Supporting Actress for honestly one of the most powerful roles I have ever seen. She sang I Dreamed a Dream so wondrously... Goose bumps again. She too was so in character it was completely unbelievable. Oh, and the scene shown in the trailer where her hair is being cut off? 
They are actually legitimately cutting her hair off right there at that moment, no second takes, nada. Respect.

Other superb performances were by Amanda Seyfried and Eddie Redmayne. Amanda Seyfried is actually a trained opera singer and has the most angelic and pure - and high - voice I've ever heard. Eddie Redmayne, if you've never heard of him is an English actor, singer and model. And how many of those are out there? How many of those have won the 2010 Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role and the 2010 Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Play for his performance in the West End and Broadway production of the drama play Red? Again, respect.

Don't let that freckled youthful face fool you. He is one mean man singing machine.

Russel Crow. Oh deary. I guess the word solid could possibly work to describe his singing ability? Sure, his character was meant to be the brick in a metaphorical sense, but I feel like they cast him because he's Russel Crow and they just got the voice they got. He hit the notes, don't get me wrong, but there was nothing there past notes. His vocals just don't have Hugh Jackman's resonance. If I could change one thing about the movie, it would be to swap ol' Crow out for somebody who could really give his  rough character some vocal depth. Sorry Russ.

The rest of the cast were of course equally brilliant. 

A special round of applause also goes to Helena Bonham Carter, Sasha Baron Cohen -yes, the Borat guy- and Daniel Huttlestone -age 12. Helena Bonham Carter played her usual nutty self, and was excellent as per usual. Sasha Baron Cohen, I never ever thought I would say this, but he is actually a really good actor, and he has quite a decent voice. 

Daniel Huttlestone, this kid is a star. Playing Gavroche, he gives his all and he is such a character.
I adore him. Future Oscar Winner, hello.

Lastly, one giant, humongous cheers to Tom Hooper, the director and definitely not forgetting Claude-Michel Schönberg -the music composer! Ahem, it is a musical after all...

Utterly brilliant is all I can say, so this is an order as par the Revolution;