Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It's a holly jolly christmas

I adore Christmas. The twinkly lights, the Santa Make a Wish stalls in shopping centers, the carols, the food, and not to forget the ever cheerful mood of the populous!

As November slowly, and I mean slowly, came to an end, the 'just don't talk to me or I'll eat your face off' atmosphere of practically everyone I know began to ease up. Thank the Lord! Everyone had been tip toeing around each other for far too long, so the arrival of the red and green month was enthusiastically embraced by all. It's time for us to roll back on our heels, laugh with our family, watch cheesy holiday movies with our friends, stick the turkey in the oven and be damn grateful for what we have.
How sweet? This photo fell out of one of our stockings when we were putting them up. Sigh...

As a child, I fiercely believed in Father Christmas. My dad, designated "Santa", would always disappear on the eve of the 24th 'to go to the bank' or 'to get some more beers'. I always had a sneaky suspicion that Santa's crow's legs in the corner of his eyes were way too familiar, but as an impressionable, innocent 6 year old, I didn't dare question Rudolph's burly sleigh driver. 
I once even had the evil though of tugging at Old Man Christmas' beard just to check that it was real (Gasp!), but afraid of unknown consequences (coal in my stockings, no more Santa, ever!) I promptly kept my little paws to myself.

For years and years, the turkey for Christmas lunch fell on my grandmother, who might I say makes a mean turkey. Her earthy stuffing packs a punch of comforting flavour, and the subsequent "Toasted Turkey Mayonnaise" that my mom makes for the post feast supper is also always delicious. After who knows how many decades though, my gran gave up the goose (Wrong bird, but...shrugs). My fresh out of French chef school aunt on the other hand was just warming up! She and I got together 3 years ago to take up the task, and well, to say our banquet of food was good is an insult how damn good it was. We've officially been hooked on Gordan Ramsey's turkey with apple cranberry sauce (to die for) for the past two years.

Up until a week ago, I was in no rush to un-hook myself.
Now here is a funny thing. My gran informed us that this year she was ace for making her turkey again. Yippee!

While at the table, I asked for everyone to say what they are grateful for. All in all, we were just joyed with the company of each other. What a wonderful world.

With regards to our holiday tree, this year the whole house is the tree! Bobbles and lights have been hung up everywhere and what a beautiful sight they are. We decided that our old tree needed some new owners, so our gardener and his family(along with present packages for his siblings, his mother and grandmother that my mom beautifully made up) received our tree and a few decorations this year. They have never had a tree before in their lives. I'm so glad that we were the ones to give them one to celebrate the day.  

Stockings are up. Mine is the one with the white puppy, and it was lovingly filled with beautiful trinkets my mom picked out as gifts. I got one of those bookmark dictionaries from Exclusive Books! It's pink. I love it.
White chocolate fudge, mince pies and butter cookies specially for a bunch of super people working to keep people alive and well.
 Also, my family and I have an annual tradition where we all bustle into the car with a tray of some sort of treat to hand out to staff at our neighbourhood hospital. It is to thank them for working on the special day and to wish them a Merry Christmas. This yearly excursion though, is earning its own post, so look out for that one. It really is quite a hear-warming event of my Yuletide.

Merry Christmas everyone.

P.S How did you spend your fine day?