Friday, December 21, 2012

Hi World, again

Fishing villages on the Kenyan coast. Big Bus tours in London. Hookers in red heels on the Hollywood boulevard. A picturesque morning fruit market in Heidelberg square. Gang wars raging on. Adagio for strings played by the London Philharmonic.  Meditating Tibetan monks. A friend leaves for good. A 76 year old reading Percy Jackson The Olympians. A jazz concert in the Civic Theatre. A Jick-white cat in the street. A gong in the living room. Peanut butter in the pantry. A blanket bought in Tanzania (made in Nigeria) on the bed. Me, sitting on the bed.

I cannot even begin to cover all the things that occur on this Earth. A million different things are occurring on the tips of my fingers, never mind a bustling street market. The cosmos is humongous. My mind yearns to expand to the very end reaches, to take it all in, to see. The universe is constantly sending messages out to us. Don't go down that road. She's the one. Read this. Even possibly, shut up. Well, I've been receiving a certain message from the great macrocosm for a while now. It's taken me a hell of a while to get it all up and running but here it is;
It's time. Time that I introduce myself, my real self, to the world.

Hi World, again. I'm Anthea Vander*, and to my previous readers, Taylor -my old pen name. I live in South Africa. I do not ride an elephant to school, and lions do not roam our streets and we certainly don't eat them - a Bangladeshi man did indeed once ask me this. I go to a school that really is quite incredible. We learn Greek there. How cool? I'm 16 years old and I'm half Afrikaans, half Cypriot. (Yes, Cypriot is different to Greek, though only the two really recognise it)
I play the violin and I've recently finished my Grade 6 exam which I passed with distinction. I've also just been accepted into the Johannesburg Youth Orchestra as a 1st violinist (So excited!). I am doing intermediate ballet with a teacher, I might add, that I adore. Mountain climbing and hiking are two passions of mine. As some of you may know, I summited Mount Kilimanjaro in 2011 and it was frankly one of my greatest experiences and triumphs of my life so far. As a muso, I listen to everything. Rock, classics, indie,a liiitle bit of metal, opera, you name it. I'm also a bit of a book worm. The Host and Jumping to Confusions are my two most beloved paperbacks. So, now with the basics over, I'll get to the point.

I've decided to out my blog to my family and friends. How scary is that? The Daydreaming Blogger has emerged from the cocoon, broken free, jumped off the building with a multi-coloured parachute on her back and has transformed into Petite Dynamite.
I am Petite Dynamite.

New topics will begin to pop up on my pages bar very soon -in union with the others currently there- which have to do with current affairs, history, music&books&movies and my own writing and life. Not forgetting to also express what it's like living in my vibrant country. I also don't plan on forgetting as a theme all the marvelous commodities and bizarre things in existence on this extraordinary planet.

I'm dedicating my blog to one, the expansion of the mind to the total amazingness of our contrasting world, two, spreading the beauty of my nation to the rest of the globe and three, my journey, including my writing pieces, in becoming a world renowned writer on par with J.R.R Tolkien, J.K. Rowling and J. Powel. (Chuckles) That last one was just me clowning around. It's actually Julie Powel. I just liked the "J" initials effect. Finally, my own odyssey of life is going to play some sort of role here. It is my blog after all.
I am so grateful for who I am and what I have. I could very well have been born into poverty and abuse, but instead, I've grown up with two of the best parents in existence, a brother who at times grinds my teeth but is actually a really cool dude, an extended family who is ready to jump into the fire right behind me, a bunch of wicked (in the positive sense of the word) friends and put plainly, a totally awesome abundance of opportunities.
I figure it's about time I start embodying myself fully and quit being the jail keeper of my life. It's time to be me. The me that is ridiculous, spontaneous, remarkable, totally in awe of our speck of a planet in the universe and true.

Now, as I can't merely abandon the Daydreaming Blogger, I felt it only fitting to give my final solutes to my blogging beginnings and complete a somewhat tradition from the first blog post I ever wrote.

The Challenge: Isn't it obvious? Life 
The Goal: Future writer, violinist, traveller... To be honest, a whole lot of Future things. 
The Risk: Hanging by the neck until dead. Whoops! Wrong era.
2012: Hmm, quite possible, everything.

My intro post is a liiitle long, I know, but indulge me; It's my intro post.

*No real surnames on this blog, comrades. It is the World Wide Web after all.

P.S. Dear family and friends, and acquaintances and people that may know me but I might not know them,
Hello. I'm doing a very scary thing here indeed. Telling you all. I'm not going to give you a list of rules or anything like that. Just a simple good-natured request to not divulge my real surname and that when it comes to commenting, be kind. I haven't had any training -just yet- in the art of writing and blog making so consideration to that fact would be much appreciated!
Oh, and enjoy. (Smiles)