Wednesday, December 26, 2012

For a very special bunch of people

 Every year on Christmas day my family and I wake up, wish one another Merry Christmas and open our stockings. Later, we have our celebratory lunch, and then as it all seems so close to being over, we all jump into the car and jet off to our neighbourhood hospital. Hospital? 

Well lets start with what my mother does for a living. She is currently the Director of Quality and IT for a top medical company. So, having a connection to the healthcare world and being an amazing person, she started the tradition of going to our local hospital on the festive day to give out cookies and treats to the staff, to thank them for working that day to help others stay alive and well, and also to wish them a wonderful Christmas. In the beginning we were simply handing out store-bought cookies and wafers. However, those little packaged monstrosities were to be vanquished two years later by none other than moi

Our confectionery gifts needed a little more love in them.

So instead, I've been baking homemade delights ever since. This year I decided on fudge. I don't own a candy thermometer - I don't eat nearly enough sweets to require one - so my fudge was a bit of a flop in the beginning, but throw chocolate into anything and it will come out sweet (See what I did there?). A sugar-butter concoction to white chocolate fudge. Yum! 
My fudge was beautifully accompanied by mince pies and butter cookies made by Julie, a family friend and a divine lady as a Christmas present to the family. With the surplus of candied goods in our house, her tasty eatables made their way to some well deserving hospital employees.
This year though, only my mother and I took the trip to the place for the injured and sick. We figured that two "hang-arounders" mutely walking around and not doing anything was pointless, so her and I jetted off to do our seasonal good deed.
Want one?
The staff were so delighted and absolutely loved being appreciated for what they were doing. I thought it best to show you all what these magnificent human beings actually look like.

Pose for the photo- Beautiful!

"This is white chocolate fudge, and these are butter cookies, and these are what's left of the mince pies (a clear favourite)..."

That's Petros, the manager of the Intensive Care Unit, but also the hospital manager for the day. Such a sweet man.

This inspirational lady is a nurse working in Infection Control. She came in specially that day for one of her patients and threw her an in-house Christmas party with over 20 families coming to visit. There was food, decorations and of course, a whole lot of love. Wow.
Someone came to work looking stunning today!

It melts my heart to see how happy they are when we come around.   I even got all teary eyed at one point. Heck, my whole body is permeated by the love they show to their work and patients. One guy down in the emergency room said to me, "We do it because we love it. That's why we're here today" 
God bless you man.