Sunday, December 23, 2012

Aroma of the holidays

At this very moment I am making koulouria with my grandmother.
There is absolutely nothing on Earth like the smell of freshly baked koulouria in the house. For those who don't know, koulouria are a sort of Greek bread ring, almost like a bagel, but slightly sweeter.

If you ever want to know my family history from beginning to end with every insult, smirk or drama, my gran will fill every single detail in for you. I have been making these bready traditions since I was about 6 -of course my duties were vastly different to the current times as the fear that I will eat a ball of the raw dough when nobody is looking is no longer applicable. They think. Ha, kidding. I know it all. I love it. The whole event is such a brilliant bonding activity and the fruit of our labour is always a plus. We haven't put any in the oven just yet, but the scent of warmth and just a hint of spice that the dough gives of is already enough to lift the spirits.
I am writing this as I roll and make rings out of the dough, with my notebook and a pen on the side, if you were wondering why I am talking in the present tense.
Okay, we've put some in the oven and I am now updated to the fact that while on the hunt for yeast cubes, an employee at the grocers tried to "fob off" my gran. She basically just threatened to dump her whole trolley there and then and find a shop where they would treat her properly. Instead, a friendlier employee found her what she needed. Drama at the Supermarket.

Almost ready.
They are AMAZING.
Take a look.

Does this not look delicious? If I could send the mouthwatering warmness of the above koulouri virtually, I would. No such luck, so I hope my endless adjectives have at least attempted to aid to the gospel that are my grandmother's koulouria.

P.S. What are your Christmas bonding traditions?