Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sparklers and Chocolate Cake

I have the tendency of becoming a circle flower at gigs or parties I'm invited to where my close friends aren't around. I say circle flower because I'm not that terrible that I literally stand by the wall all alone as a wall flower would do. No I do make an effort to join a conversation circle, but sometimes I find myself becoming one of those "Yeah, totally..." people. I hate that. This braai (South African version of barbecue) was a major breakthrough, oh, and an awesome night.

I was invited to a friend from my orchestra's birthday braai and I will say that at first I contemplated whether or not just to turn around and head back home before anyone saw me. Sad, I know, but I told myself "Anthea, don't you dare." and I didn't. I ended up having a fabulous night. I arrived there and at first I was just greeting people and I was seeing with whom I should strike up a conversation. I felt myself slowly get into that unfortunate familiar role of circle flower. I looked to my left and the friend (Lucy) who'd invited me's friends were all standing together in the kitchen, so I decided to trot up to them and I said "Hi, I've come to meet new people. I'm Anthea." From there I met my style twin who not only owned the same vintage Harry Potter tshirt I was wearing, but how freaking scary is this: As I was asking for her name I noticed her leather jacket. Not only do I have the same leather jacket- I had brought it with me to the braai- but get this, I got that jacket in LONDON, TWO YEARS AGO IN ZARA. Beyond mind boggling...
Onto the sparkler thing, at this braai Lucy had put sparklers all around in small vases with candles all around. Everyone was lighting them non-stop and it created this spectacular atmosphere.

I soon got talking to the two neighbours, Junior and Sonwabo and let me tell you we went at it for about an hour and a half. No jokes. They were thrilling conversationalists and I had such a ball.
Lucy is a musician, as were most of her guests including me, so we all partook in a music jamming session with our orchestra's double bass player, Steve on her electric drum kit, Jonathan the concert master on electric violin, Jason on trombone, Damian on bass guitar and Lucy on accordion. Her accordion is this blood red colour with this striking burgundy wood. We then got called to eat which consisted of chicken breasts, steak, boerewors, excellent bread rolls, salad and an assortment of condiments such as humus, mustard and tomato sauce. Delicious, but the REAL treat was Lucy's grandmother's chocolate cake which she brought out when we all sang Happy Birthday. OMG. That cake was moist, rich, luscious, heavenly, divine, mouthwatering, delectable,... Phew, enough adjectives? It was damn yummy, to put it in short.
I don't eat chocolate cake. I don't eat sweets period, but tonight I just said stuff it. You know what I said afterwards? Good for me.

I didn't even notice the time until I checked my watch. It was 11:30. I arrived at 19:00. Incredible.