Sunday, March 4, 2012

The art of self-promotion. . .

You've either  mastered it, or you haven't. For most of us the latter is usually the case. How do I get myself noticed for my talents and skills, but not sound like a self-absorbed bragger?

Self-promotion really is a skill, one way too difficult in my opinion. I have on countless occasions wished that I would've stepped up and screamed from the heavens: "I CAN DO IT! ME! ME! ME! ME!" If I were to ever share my insecurities on self-promo, well, I can already hear it. What's the worst that could happen? I'll tell you what, I'd reply, I could fail horribly!
Of course, I'd then actually be forced to think about what the real answer to that question would be. What is the worst that could happen?
Now don't lie, the answer is usually a lot better than you originally thought, but as we're being honest, I'm also going to say that 99.9999999% us on this planet are terribly/ freaking/ staggeringly/ unbelievably/ shit shared of one seemingly innocuous thing.
Failure. My goodness, the word just like that even looks scary. Ask anyone what they're afraid of. Anyone. I bet you that one will be either spiders or snakes, and the other - which they most probably will not admit to - is failure.

Why? I ask you. What is it about failing that just freaks us all out? Well, I've got two highly subjective reasons for that.
1. Ok, let's start with the obvious.
We're afraid of peoples' reactions. Whether it be on the scale of a snail shell being crushed by someones shoe, or a hurricane tearing a whole city apart, one thing we - and myself included - just don't want to face is someone else's reaction to your failure or slip-up. Another reason would be that there is always that instant assumption that you'll be mocked, and I'm not saying that it doesn't happen. People can very, very cruel.
2. Now something none of us want to admit.
When we are afraid of other's reactions, we are putting all the power in their hands. We are caring what they think and are losing strength in ourselves. We don't want to look bad.

But you know what, I, as a teenage girl, am completely and utterly fed-up with not thinking that I am great. I am fed-up with caring what others think. I am fed-up with  being hard on myself, and most of all I am fed-up with not letting and telling others that I am great.

Anyone want a tip on self-promo? Speak up.