Friday, July 29, 2011

The advice I will never give again. . .

To female readers: Keep reading
To guy readers: Here is your chance. Ever wanted a manual to the female brain? Well, this post is chapter 125797558744578, subsection 56798965567 write underneath the reason for hysterical crying. The many reasons, but nevertheless, this post may be your one and (possibly) only opportunity to pick at our brains, well, mine anyway, so keep reading as well.
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Well, well, well, guilty as charged. On many an occasion I have said these four little words, not understanding what they meant and how hard following them was. Any guesses what those for four words are? Hmm, I'll give you a clue. They're four little words I will never be saying again: Just talk to him.
Yep, you heard me right. I, the daydreaming blogger, have major guy problems and only recently have I come to understand how freaking hard "just talking to him" is. 
I don't really want to go into my situation, but lets just say that this guy asked me out and then well, just kind of didn't talk to me for two weeks. Why? I have no idea, but in those weeks I had scores of friends telling me what a loser he is and even an ex-girlfriend of his telling me more or less the same thing. And naturally three weeks later, I, after hearing many stories of bad, ill-decided and pig headed things he's done, was completely put off.

You'd think after all that time of him not talking to me he'd realise there was no hope. Nope.
Just a week ago I received an sms from him asking what we had to study for the up coming exam as if nothing at all had happened. Do you want to know my thoughts on that little sms?
I'm not your personal homework diary. If you really want to know what to study, maybe ask your five other friends. Or maybe you should have just looked up from your Blackberry in the class and bothered to take down the work.
I said as much in my reply, ex the "maybe ask your five other friends...just looked up from your Blackberry" part.
Oh and I also added in the magical words "We need to talk 2mrw".
Did we "talk 2mrw"? Nope. Did we talk the next day? Nicht. The next? ไม่มี. I think even you can guess what "ไม่มี" means.
And here I am.

Guys of the world, answer me: why is it so hard to talk to you? I know we, the female race, over-analyse everything, but still, why is it so hard?
I can be very hard hearted when I want to be, but what is it about getting you alone and talking to you that freaks the hell out of me? Is is as bad for you? Must be, because I could have sworn this guy has been avoiding me ever since I sent him that sms. Or is the avoidance technique used by him alone? Oh, the questions. . .

Well, after much, much thought on the matter I have come to the conclusion that whatever happens, happens and I need to get this whole story off my back. Wish me luck.

The book explaining women. . .