Sunday, March 6, 2011

What an eye opener. . .

Yesterday was one of the most amazing days ever. . .
I started my morning off by waking up insanely early, so I could leave to pick up my friend for our community service day at the Little Eden Fete.

Every year a home for the mentally handicapped, Little Eden, throws a huge fete to raise money for their cause, and even though I go every year, I still feel awed at all the people who show up to support.

We got there at 7 o'clock and started packing out all the donations we received of clothes, toys, cupcakes and Easter eggs. We just about had a truck load of contributions, which in itself, is brilliant.
Now at about 8 o'clock a bus arrives with about 40 people inside, and I'll let you guess which stall they went to first.
Have you ever seen two women fighting over a pair of shoes that 'they saw first'? Picture that, but times the amount of women by 10, add in 20 men, 5 tables of clothes and toys and two volunteers frantically rummaging through all those piles trying to find the second shoe to a pair of baby trainers that I'm pretty sure only consisted of the one shoe.

So, basically our little stall was the busiest part of the fete for a while, but it did calm down eventually when those 40 people suddenly realised: "Oh shucks, how am I going to get all this home?".

5 hours past and yes, I was still manning the stall with my friend. I'd been promoted to giving change and if I don't say myself, I was rocking it! I was having so much fun and it was a real eye opener to how lucky I am.

"I saw it first!"

Little Eden Logo

Rocking the change

Eye opener. . .