Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My dream car. . .

Ok, confessions confessions. . .
Now you know when people walk past car displays and start checking out models like Ferraris,Lamborghinis and Porches? 
Well the thing is, when I look at cars I couldn't care less about the roar of the engine or the fat price tag.

No, when I look at cars there is only one  I'm looking at.
Now don't laugh, but I have this incredible love for Beetles!

Yes, it's true. Not the modern ones that like Ferraris, still cost a fortune. I like the old, bug shaped, possibly broken down version of the Volkswagen Beetle. Why?, you may ask. Well honestly, I don't know.

I have this crazy love for old things, especially old cars, that have lived long and seen the world change right before their eyes. Old things that are beautiful and priceless, simply because of the memories that they hold.

Here's a little info on this amazing little car:

The Beetle was created in 1931 and was called "The People's Car".
Thousand of Beetles roamed the streets after it came out. You'd think it was "Beetle Fever".
Sadly, in 2003 production of the original Beetles stopped. 
Though in 1994, the modern Beetle appeared with it's similar but different "bug" look. 

Check out my dream car pictures:




Modern version Beetle. (Not as pretty right?)

Anthea (P.S. I'd love to hear what your dream car is, so leave me a comment including the model and why you like it. And if your reason is similar to mine, say so!