Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Here comes the bride, all dressed in white. . .

People say that a person's best day is their wedding day, but I have a question: What about the bridesmaids in those scratchy, itchy dresses?

Ok, well to explain my blog today I think I'll start at the beginning;
Four months ago my future aunt asked me to be one of her bride's maids. Of course I said yes. Anyway, I figured that we would be wearing a dress that her mother designed - her mother happens to be one of these not famous, but well known Italian designers.

Three months pass and I still haven't heard or seen a twitch about this infamous dress. Unfortunately I happen to live in a different city, so I got all my input on the dress from my cousins, two other bridesmaids. The way they described it you would think that it was amazing, but, that picture slightly changed a week ago when my cousin came to deliver the masterpiece.
The dress was a light gold colour with a long train at the back. It had a slit across the leg and was a tad see-through.

Not to  bash the dress but, it looked hideous on. It was way too close to my skin tone and showed too much of my back for comfort. But before you think that this post is all about an itchy dress, read further.

Today my mom and I went shopping to find a different dress, to my absolute delight, thanks to the wonderful permission of my aunt to be. We went from shop to shop finding zilch, nada, squat. There were lots of nice ladies in these shops, all trying to sell us these luminescent sequined dresses that cost an arm and a leg.
Finally after an hour of searching we walked into a small boutique, well known for its insistent shop attendees, pretty simple dresses and large price tags. The second we took a step through the door they swooped down like vultures and began to use there sales mambo-jumbo on us. In under minutes I was in the changing room trying on a gold dress they had found for me. One of the assistants was pinning the bit that didn't completely fit right and while she did that another assistant was calling the seamster upstairs. How amazing is that?

Funny enough, I found my dress in that shop. It wasn't itchy, see-through, sequined or too revealing. The perfect dress for the wedding. Though the colour was gold, it wasn't too light. But I have to admit, the dress was a bit pricey. I'll probably be washing dishes for a month to pay it off,. Oh well. . .

Dresses resembling my original dress (Well, not exactly, or at all. Let's just leave it at "they're gold and I wasn't totally crazy about them" )