Thursday, December 23, 2010

Deck the halls with boughs of holly. . .

Ho ho ho! Christmas is a few days away and last night I had an epiphany!  What kind of an epiphany you may ask, well, it has to do with today's blog.

Last night I was checking out a blog that I didn't necessarily like too much, but I was more than a little curious when the blogger started talking about how her mom had this strange Christmas superstition to do with the pudding that they made for the special day.
So, I decided to do a little research on all the weird and wonderful X-mas traditions and superstitions of the world.
And boy, did I find some weird  ones. . . Check them out below:

1. This strange belief is practiced mainly in the homes of Great Britain, but who knows where else. While making the Christmas pudding, the ingredients have to be mixed in a clockwise direction, or you'll have bad luck for the new year!  

2. Tired of being single? In the Czech Republic on Christmas day all the single women of a household get together by the front door of the house and take off one of their shoes. They then throw that shoe out the front door. If the toe lands facing the door, it means that you'll get married within the year!   

3. This little old lady on a broom is not a lowly old witch, no, she is Italy's very own Le Befana. The Vatican, unable to prove the existence of Santa decided instead to tell children of a friendly witch who brought them presents. Good children would get gifts, sweets and fruit, but bad children would get coal, onions and garlic!   
4. In Latvia on Christmas day, there is a very peculiar custom called "Mumming". "Mummers" dress up in their costumes and masks, mainly consisting of bears, horses, goats and gypsies, and parade the streets with colour and music.  

5. If you thought that Santa's naughty list was the scariest thing to happen on Christmas, then you've never heard of Krampus Night. Krampus is Santa's evil twin, an Anti-Santa to say, whose job is to punish all the 'bad' children. On December 6th, men dress up in the scariest Krampus costume they can find and roam the streets looking for an unsuspecting walker by-er to scare out of their skin. This chilling tradition is performed mainly in Austria, but has spread to other countries such as Hungary, Bavaria and Slovenia. 

6. You''l never find a boring Christmas tree in the Ukraine with this interesting custom. It is said that if you find a spider web on the special day, that you will have good luck. I guess people thought that if you added spider webs to the tree decorations it might bump up that chance.

Anthea (P.S. Have an awesome X-Mas people!)